Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the sixth letter

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tania and larry were waiting for the mailman on the corner a block from sally's apartment.
a cold wind blew down the deserted street.
"what kind of person becomes a mailman in today's world?" asked tania.
"it used to be an honorable profession. people used to wait for the mailman, maybe invite him in for a cup of tea."
"oh god, that is so sickening. look, here he comes."
the mailman was short and thin and had no particular age.. larry walked up to him and grabbed his mailbag. the mailman tripped and fell on the sidewalk . larry looked in the bag. it was almost empty.
"how's it going, buddy?", larry looked down at him. "you like a little h c, huh? had any yet today? before you met me, i mean?"
the mailman stood up, gasping. tania took the bag from larry and went through it. there was another letter for sally, postmarked osaka. she ripped it open.

the first time edwin saw samantha a cold wind was blowing down broadway. he was walking to work then a vision of loveliness in a blue dress stepped from a coffee shop.

"now he's changing it to a story ", larry pointed out. he carefully counted the words. "32 words. so he's sticking to that."
"it doesn't make it any less obscene."
the mailman looked up at them. "can i have my bag back, please?"
larry flashed his badge. " u-c-u. what do you know about these letters, hey?"
"detective, sir, i'm just the mailman. surely you can see that."
"you got a name, buddy?"
"and what is your number, mac?"
"89H-4J75T-3309SP-563298 ."
"89% human, hey? should we bring him in, check him out?" larry looked over at tania.
"let him go. we'll check him out, maybe get back to him later"

the seventh letter

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