Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the fifth letter

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tania and larry were waiting for sally johnson.
tania was restless. "maybe we shouldn't wait - maybe we should go meet her."
"she'll be here soon enough. let's look at these letters- what's the first thing you notice about them?"
"that they are absolute psychotic filth."
"i mean besides that. look - the first letter is one word, the second is two, the third is four and the last is eight - each one doubles the last"
"it means if he goes on for a month the letters will have to be as long as the encyclopedia brittanica. i think he has a problem there."
"let's just catch him before he has that problem. ok. anyway, here she is."
sally didn't look thrilled to be there. tania stood up .
"thank you so much for coming at such short notice, sally. this must be so frightening for you. larry, maybe you could take her coat. have a seat, sally, please."
sally sat down and handed tania the fifth letter as larry was hanging her coat up.

the first time i saw you i was swept out of my brain by overpowering love

"this is a real escalation" said tania. "for the first time he actually implies contact with you - that he has actually seen you."

the sixth letter

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