Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the fourth letter

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tania kelly stood at the window looking out at the tall buildings and the morning rain. it was a slow day in the unspeakable crimes unit, where she was a senior investigator. after awhile she turned back to her desk and her partner, larry lyndon was waiting there with a thin folder.
"take a look at this, it just came in."

tania had joined the police because she sincerely hated ignorance and oppression, particularly that perpetrated by organized religions. larry had entered the police force by winning a lottery. they made a good pair. tania was average sized but lean and muscular and had been a miss galaxy contestant (fourth runner-up) before joining the force. larry was average in just about every way.

tania took the folder. it contained four pieces of paper, with only a few words on each.
"a woman in level 15 got these - in the mail. in a mailbox on the ground floor of her apartment building."
tania glanced at them. "over how long a period?"
"the last four days. she reported them this morning so she might get another today."
tania looked grim as she read the first three. when she came to the fourth she went white. it read:

me love you baby you so totally beautiful

she put the letters back inn the folder. "is the woman here now?"
"no, she went to work. she'll call us if she gets another today."

"this can't wait, get her up here right now."
"ok, but take a look at this - her serial number." larry took a piece of paper out.of the folder.
tania started to read it aloud. " number 1H3- "
"1H - 100% human."
tania nodded. she was 80% human herself, but never thought about it. larry was 89%, and thought even less about it.

the fifth letter

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Arghhh, 5 letters down and now I have to return to work! Break time is never long enough when you're reading a good story. I wills return ... oh yes I shall ...