Thursday, April 30, 2009

the seventh letter

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edwin lash was an ordinary guy.
once,when he was working in a supermarket stocking shelves with cans of carrots
and lima beans, the guy working beside him
to him and said:
"i was going to say something but i forgot what it was."
and then he went back to putting cans of sliced beets on the shelves.
edwin thought about it. then he thought about samantha.

"so, what is this all about?"
larry and tania were in the office early.
"it's probably some kind of code," said tania. "lima beans, carrots, sliced beets - it has to mean something. or maybe he is just setting something up for tomorrow."
"tomorrow he will be up to 128 words. pretty soon he is going to have to start working at this."
"no. he just has a program - he can probably produce a billion words. so what? the important thing is to catch him."
"at least he's going to start paying some postage."

the eighth letter

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