Saturday, May 2, 2009

the ninth letter

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ferdinand's untimely demise had not been ultimately foreseen by the human resource department even after trixie had given notice.
gratefully, george ming the head of human resources had accepted the reprimand from p-77 in time to get home to watch the smash palfrey show.
as george let himself into his apartment he noticed samantha waiting outside, still dressed in her work uniform of pink and blue.
he was mildly shocked and hoped she would have the good sense not to approach him.

"hello george". samantha shouted. "hello george!", she repeated when he seemed not to hear her and dropped his keys.
"samantha, this is very improper,' he mumbled weakly. " i believe it violates section 8, rule 3 of the human contact act of 129."
"oh pick up your keys george," samantha smiled. 'and stop being such a big baby. i am here about ferdinand' s untimely demise, and an exception is made for death in section 10 of the act."
"which rule?"
"rule 4."
george relaxed a little at this confident assertion by samantha.
"well then, let's see what you've got - but you can't come in!"

"i would never come in, george, whatever gave you such an idea?" samantha
laughed. "what i have here is a petition signed by 46 percent of the people in the
department requesting that the suspicious development police investigate ferdinand's untimely demise - that's all."

when edwin, who was lurking in the shadows in an alley across the street, saw and heard samantha's laughter
he was mad with jealousy. poor george!

the tenth letter

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